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Daily Beast, February 16th, 2022
“Riot Panel Subpoenas Security Guard Who Protected Alex Jones on Jan. 6”
by Jamie Ross Link to original source

The House panel investigating the Capitol riot seems to have a new area of interest—the people who were closest to Alex Jones on Jan. 6. In a court filing reported by Politico late Tuesday, it was revealed that the security guard who escorted Jones from the White House’s Ellipse to the Capitol that day has been told to hand over his phone records to House investigators. Timothy Enlow, who has protected Jones since 2018, was reportedly told by AT&T on Feb. 9 that the committee had subpoenaed his phone records. Jones, who previously sued the committee to block a subpoena for his own testimony, is now attempting to add Enlow to his lawsuit to prevent the security guard from having to cooperate with the panel. Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis claimed the new subpoena was “merely a back door to obtain Jones’ communications in the face of pending litigation.”

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