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We are a criminal defense law firm with extensive experience in sexual misconduct cases involving doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, EMTs, mental health and other healthcare professionals.

Our experienced physician sexual misconduct attorneys help healthcare workers accused of inappropriate touching, sexual misconduct, sex abuse, rape or other sex crimes or licensing violations defend their reputation, license, and liberty.

The Pattis Law Firm was founded by Norm Pattis, a noted trial attorney and author with an exceptional record for criminal defense work. He is a frequent expert legal commentator for national news outlets and a keynote speaker at public and legal events across the United States.

We are known for proactively and aggressively defending the rights of our clients as well as for our discretion and expertise in handling the complex and often volatile circumstances when a doctor is accused of sexual misconduct during a physical exam.

Newsday labels Norm Pattis “Legal Top Gun” and legal icon F. Lee Bailey describes Norm as “The last of the slash and burn trial lawyers” but you should make your own decision on whether or not we are right for your circumstance. If you are facing a patient complaint or believe you soon will be, we invite you to call us to learn your rights and to learn more about our firm:
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We are a Connecticut based law firm with corresponding offices in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and across the U.S. experienced in sexual misconduct defense of doctors, psychologists, EMTs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This website is intended as information only for CT, NY, MA, RI and other physician, EMT, nurse, psychologist and healthcare professionals and nothing herein should be substituted for actual legal advice from the attorney of your choice.