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What We Do When We Represent a Doctor Charged with Misconduct

The Pattis Law Firm professional misconduct defense team aggressively and proactively fights for your rights, license, and freedom when a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, dentist, mental health or other healthcare professional is faced with a patient complaint and/or criminal charges.

Our immediate goal is to have the complaint and/or criminal charges dismissed altogether to limit the damage to your reputation and income.

When you become a Pattis Law Firm client our medical misconduct defense team will:

  • If you have been arrested seek your immediate release without bail;
  • Demand all witness statements, evidence, and police reports;
  • Challenge the admissibility of evidence and validity of statements on every possible ground;
  • Investigate the credibility and history of the complainant;
  • Scrutinize the medical license board’s and/or prosecutor’s case for every imperfection;
  • Relentlessly attack the prosecutor’s case on every front;
  • Negotiate to have charges dismissed or reduced and the complaint sealed.

Our firm is rated among the most successful and experienced criminal defense lawyers in the United States. We have a national reputation for winning cases at trial which makes prosecutors rethink charges as they reevaluate the chances of a successful prosecution thus maximizing your opportunity to avoid jail time and a criminal conviction.

If a patient has made a sexual misconduct or other complaint against you, it is important that you act quickly to preserve your rights. Contact a Pattis Law Firm criminal defense lawyer right away to preserve your rights and reputation:
203.393.3017 or Contact
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