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CT Post Local News, March 5th, 2020
“Ansonia murder suspect waives probable cause, pleads not guilty”
by Michael P. Mayko Link to original source

Jose Morales turned down a chance to preview some of the state’s evidence against him Thursday when he waived his right to a probable cause hearing.

Morales is accused of murdering Christine Holloway, his girlfriend and mother of their child, Vanessa, in her Ansonia home just after Thanksgiving. Vanessa is still the subject of a nationwide Amber Alert. She has not been see in public since Nov. 29.

Her father also faces a charge of tampering with evidence in the murder case and two counts of being a felon in possession of stun guns. He is also charged with tampering with evidence and being a felon in possession of stun guns.

Morales, a short, stocky, bearded man entered the courtroom wearing a white T-shirt and khaki pants. Upon seeing his step-father, Marcos Garcia, he nodded.

Other than confirming that he was waiving his right to a probable cause hearing on the crimes, Morales remained silent allowing his lawyer, Norm Pattis, to entere a “not guilty’ pleas on his client’s behalf. The matter was continued until April 15.

Afterwards Pattis said he hopes to begin receiving “hundreds if not thousands” of documents related to the evidence in this case by the end of the week.

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